Jeti-Oghuz canyon


About 25 km from Karakol town, located in Jeti-Oguz District of Issyk-Kul province of Kyrgyzstan. A village of the same name is just off the main around the lake road. Beyond it the earth erupts in red patches, and soon there appears a great splintered hill called "Жарылган журок" it means Broken Heart. Legend says that two heroes spilled their blood in a fight for a beautiful girl; heroes are died, and this rock is her broken heart. Beyond this on the west side of the road is the  wall of Jeti-Oghuz. The name means "Seven Bulls", and of course there is a story here too – of seven calves growing big and strong in the valley’s rich pastures. Erosion has meant that the bulls have multiplied. They are best viewed from a ridge to the east above the road. From that same ridge you can look east into (Ushchelie Drakanov), the Valley of Dragons.


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