The Burana tower

burana tower

The Burana Tower is located near the Tokmok town, 80 km from the Bishkek. This is a unique minaret, built in the 11th century in the medieval town Balasagun, the capital of Karakhanid State. The tower was originally 45 m high. However, over the centuries a number of earthquakes caused significant damage to the structure. The last major earthquake in the 15th century destroyed the top half of the tower, reducing it to its current height of 25m. In the early 1900, Russian immigrants to the area used some of the bricks from the tower for new building projects. A renovation project was carried out in the 1970s to restore its foundation and repair the west-facing side of the tower, which was in danger of collapse. 

On the east side of the tower there are the remains of mausoleums. Along the perimeter of the museum complex you can find ancient Turkic stone sculptures.

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