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If there is one thing all visitors should do before leaving Kyrgyzstan, it's ride a horse through a quiet, natural setting as Kyrgyz nomads have done for millennia. Visitors can take a day ride along Issyk-Kul Lake, or into the mountain valleys Naryn & Chon Kemin valley. Longer tours head up to the high mountain passes, or follow the lakeshore for days, passing through scenic, desolate areas that seem more like a dream than reality. Such is the beauty of the southern Issyk-Kul & summer pasture.

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horse riding in Kyrgyzstan

Category: Tour package 
Duration: 6 days
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Best season: April – mid September.
Overnight: in yurts, tents & guesthouse.
Best group size: from 2 to 12
Recommendations: weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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Horse riding 

Level of Difficulty:                           Medium to Difficult (4250 m)

Best season:                                       July – mid of September

Group size:                                         1-5

You need to bring:                             Warm and waterproof clothes, trekking boots, sunscreen, hat

Itinerary:                                            Bishkek - Bokonbaevo – Bishkek.

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Horse trip

Level of Difficulty: Easy to moderate (2600 m)

Best season: May - September
Group size: Any
You need to bring: Warm and waterproof clothes, trekking boots, sunscreen, hat
Meals: Lunch can be provided by the guide or you bring it yourself
Itinerary: Bokonbaevo - Chatyly (2600 m) - Bokonbaevo

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Shepherd's Way TourLevel of Difficulty: Moderate to difficult (Two passes: 4023 m, 3893 m)
Best season: July – September
Accommodation: Shepherd’s yurt or tent
Group size: max. 10 people
You need to bring: Trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, sleeping bag and mat if you sleep in tent
Itinerary: Bokonbaevo – Tuura-Suu – Tong-Ashuu (4023 m) – Teshin-Kul - Tosor-Ashuu (3893 m) - Kyl-Bel - Boz Salkyn - Bokonbaevo


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