Float on the surface

salt lake

Only about an hour away from Bokonbaevo, visitors in the area can see the salt lake “Tuz-kol”. It is surrounded by beautiful windswept rocks on the one side and a sandy beach on the other. With its huge amount of salt (up to 70%) visitors can float on the water surface with ease, and then relax while enjoying the picturesque scenery of mountains in the distance. Also, according to local people the lake's mud has therapeutic properties and is good for the skin. So it is an excellent place to unwind after an exhausting trek. Just 100m away from Issyk-Kul Lake, visitors can later wash off and take a bath in the clean, blue water.

It is possible to stay overnight at nearby lodgings, including in a yurt.
Or "Trekking Center"  can arrange car tour to and from the lake.

Salt lake2

Salt Lake

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