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Who we are...

Nomadic Adventure Tours is a community based tour group. We provide the best tour packages, with both local and national knowledge about Kyrgyzstan, it's history and it's people. We are based in Bokonbaevo, which is 1800 meters above sea level and located close to both Karakol and Bishkek. Our village is a picturesque eco-town off the south shore of Lake Issy-Kul. This part of Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for travellers due to it's mountainous scenery, blue skies, yurt villages, eagle displays, hot springs, great trekking routes, horse riding, local food and swimming in the great Issyk-Kul Iake. The local guides are here to assist your stay and to make your travels in our country as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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We are Nomads...

Our tour group prides itself on the local nomadic traditions and living the Kyrgyz local way of life with a modern twist. We create authentic expeditions that connect with rural life and nature, whilst providing comfortable accommodation to cater for all needs.

We are Green...

Nomadic Adventure Tours promote eco-tourism within Kyrgyzstan. Twice a year we organise community recycle and collection projects to maintain a clean eco-environment and habitat for both the local people and to protect the wildlife.

Eco-Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Community

Our mission

To develop the bonds between the local community and tourism. We aspire to support our local communities by maintaining and developing the local values and social system. This is made possible by a donation system where we contribute 80 % of our income into the local community and 20 % into funding our business. This vision will lead to developing a strong and prosperous future for both our people and our country, while maintaining our culture and traditions for future generations.

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Issyk-Kul, Tong region,  Bokonbaevo, Osmoeva #39

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Tel./ Whats App: +996 555 421 677